Gentle Medicine (Hardback)

by Joachim-F Gratz

  • Gentle Medicine (Hardback)
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The True Causes of Disease, Healing and Health

Gentle Medicine creates a comprehensive awareness for a new dimension in medicine, a medicine of the future that can be a reality today. After reading it, you will be able to clearly recognize the correlations and natural laws of health and disease and be able to use them for yourself to achieve absolute health.

Joachim -F. Grätz, a classical homeopath for more than thirty years, walks you through how to use natural laws to:

  • cure degenerative and chronic diseases;
  • prevent diseases from ever occurring in the first place;
  • survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

The author also examines the general decline of human health, our understanding of diseases and how they are diagnosed, how the media manipulates the public, the controversy surrounding vaccinations, and more.

Whether you’re a physician, a caregiver, someone battling a degenerative and/or chronic condition, or simply want to be proactive about staying healthy, you’ll find information and insights you can use with this guide to healing. This work addresses the natural laws and correlations affecting illness and health in a generally understandable way that most are unfamiliar with.

Indeed, very few have even an inkling of them, because

  • they are diametrically opposed to their previous knowledge
  • they have never been revealed before and anywhere else.

Nevertheless, everyone should be familiar with them from the bottom up, both for themselves and their families, since they are the key to the health of the individual as well as that of the general public and the entire planet.

  • Author: Joachim-F Gratz
  • ISBN: 9781982253806
  • 652 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in United States