From Medication to Meditation

by Osho

  • From Medication to Meditation

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One has to learn the art of relaxation rather than learning the strategies of how to conquer the world and the reality. I'm not telling you to relax the whole day. Do your work , but find some time for yourself, and that can be found only in relaxation. And you will be surprised that if you can relax for an hour or two hours:

  • It will give you a deeper insight into yourself
  • It will change your behaviour outwardly
  • It will be more calm, more quiet
  • It will change the quality of your work
  • it will be more artistic and more graceful

You will be committing fewer mistakes than you used to commit before, because now you are more together, more centred.

  • Author: Osho
  • ISBN: 9780852072806
  • 340 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom