Fish Remedies - Spectrum of Homeopathy 2023/2

by Narayana Verlag

  • Fish Remedies - Spectrum of Homeopathy 2023/2
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Remedies derived from marine animals such as Spongia, Sepia or Corallium rubrum have long been part of our treasure chest of homeopathic remedies. Most of these classical sea remedies come from invertebrates (see SPECTRUM 3/2021) or marine mammals (see SPECTRUM 2/2022), whereas fish have so far been neglected in the materia medica. This has changed in the last few years thanks to a range of provings and new clinical experience. The result has been a leap forward in the use of potentised substances from the fish group. These are particularly useful for people who live in their own world, resulting in communication problems with the outside world. The pattern of typical themes and symptoms of fish remedies can correspond to such varied clinical indications as dementia and autism spectrum disorders. Drawing on clinical cases, our international authors will discuss the common characteristics of this remedy group, presenting a range of lesser known remedies from Amphiprion percula (clownfish) to Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish). With this edition, SPECTRUM completes its materia medica of the vertebrates.

  • Author: Narayana Verlag
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2023
  • Printed in Germany