Experience of Medicine: Volume 3

by Alastair Gray

  • Experience of Medicine: Volume 3

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The Students of Nature Care College St. Leonards Sydney

The three provings included are:

The glorious New South Wales icon. She now felt such inconsolable grief that she willed herself to die, her body blending slowly into the weathered sandstone. And rising from the spot came the first waratah. The stalk hard, straight, and without blemish, like the young man Krubi had pined for, the leaves serrated and pointed like his spear. This red flower is used in the Australian bush flower essences. And this proving from 2005 goes a long way to describe the liberated internal nature of it.

In herbal medicine no other plant has such diversity; anti inflammatory and anti viral properties. Massive amounts of time and money are being poured into the understanding of the pharmacology of this plant in orthodox, Chinese and western herbal medicine. This proving brings out the inside. Discharges and throat pain, headaches and nausea.

Every pharmacy sells it. Known for its anti everything qualities this Australian tree begged for a proving. In this trial I received a huge amount of assistance from Dr Carol Pedersen. It was no easy ride. 'I'm very fearful of this remedy; I just want to flush it down the toilet. I felt as if I was stoned, as if I was getting a cold. Nausea and grumbling in my tummy and paranoia. I started biting my fingernails'. To the generosity of these students who acted as either provers or supervisors or researchers, my thanks for your perseverance and courage and time and generosity. I am sincerely grateful.

  • Author: Alastair Gray
  • ISBN: 9780975798225
  • 244 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2003
  • Printed in Australia