Diabetes Mellitus - Its Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment

by Kailash Narayan Mathur

  • Diabetes Mellitus - Its Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment

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Diabetes Mellitus - A disease which is becoming more common day by day. Almost every family has somebody or the other suffering from diabetes. Once diagnosed the person remains diabetic throughout the life but not ill, if managed properly. Here is an attempt to make the disease understandable in an easy manner and managed as well at the same time. A useful handbook for people related to diabetes in different ways may be as a doctor, as a nurse or as a patient. It is surely going to be a useful guide as it solves simple queries one could have related to this disease. It covers: the history, aetiology, physio and histo pathology, symptoms, diagnoses, differential diagnosis, complications, varieties, management, diet, treatment and homeopathic treatment for Diabetes Mellitus.

  • Author: Kailash Narayan Mathur
  • ISBN: 9788131905951
  • 73 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)