Cure is Freedom

by Jan Scholten

  • Cure is Freedom
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The title of the painting on the cover is “the Refugees”. The refugees are like the restless personalities in this book, who seek peace, but cannot find it in a changing, unstable
world. We all have several to many personalities. Some we like, others we dislike. But the more we like them and the more we identify with them, the more the personalities get us
in their grip. They gradually start taking over, limiting and fixing ourselves. In the end they start producing diseases.

The cure is letting go of those personalities, by becoming conscious of them. By realising that they are defence mechanisms that are one-sided and rigid, taking away our freedom.
Cure is realised by getting into the problem and pain, instead of running away from them. By becoming aware of them, the self-healing power can act again and the personalities
start losing their power. Then freedom is restored and peace sets in. Peace is part of our Selves.

All personalities have a goal, feeling about that goal and ways how to handle to achieve or hold that goal. In this book the goals, feelings and ways of acting are classified in a natural
way, as given by the Periodic system of Elements. This way the personalities and accompanying diseases can be classifies systematically. This gives medicine a scientific system.

With the clear formulation and the classification of Personalities desire, it has become a much easier task to find a truly suitable remedy for our patients.

When I read this book, I felt happy and light. In my hands I hold a solution to the suffering and confusion of us humans. It is science in its best sense: it formulates the goal, namely the cure, and gives us a classification in which, with the help of systematic thinking, one can find the appropriate remedy.

  • Author: Jan Scholten
  • ISBN: 9789074817301
  • 192 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2023
  • Printed in Netherlands