Crossroads to Cure: The Homoeopath's Guide to Second Prescription

by Nicola Henriques

  • Crossroads to Cure: The Homoeopath's Guide to Second Prescription

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Crossroads to Cure is an invaluable reference book and practical guide for professionals and students of homoeopathy, as well as anyone interested in effective treatment. It belongs in the office of every homoeopath and the possession of every aspiring practitioner.

This book answers the most important questions about case management and gives us the wisdom of the greatest homoeopaths in a wonderfully clear, accessible way. For the first time, all the classical homoeopathic sources have been brought together and woven into an easily understood method.  Crossroads to Cure takes the reader step-by-step through interpretations of remedy reactions and second prescription decisions as the beauty, clarity, and logic of Hahnemann's simple system is elucidated. The result is a coherent approach to successful treatment of modern, complex cases, which will rapidly improve the practitioner's accuracy in prescribing and case management skills.

  • Author: Nicola Henriques
  • ISBN: 9780966338805
  • 165 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1998
  • Printed in United States