Comparative Materia Medica - Eugenio Candegabe

  • Comparative Materia Medica - Eugenio Candegabe
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All English-speaking homeopaths are aware that some of the most important homeopathic remedies have their origin in Latin America. Because of the barrier of language, far fewer realise to what extent some of the most important work in homeopathy also comes from that subcontinent. In this comparative study of thirty-seven homoeopathic remedies, Dr. Eugenio Candegabe displays how the materia medica may be reconstructed through the mental symptoms of the repertory, so as to find the remedy whose action most closely corresponds to the totality of an individual patient's life. These reconstructions are always substantiated in the provings from which the repertory symptoms were originally extracted. The book is structured around seven principal chapters, each based on a major polychrest. Each chapter opens with a detailed description of the remedy, presenting all the rubrics that may in some way add to its fullest possible image. This is followed by a comprehensive synthesis of the symptomatology, summarising in a schematic diagram those few interrelated rubrics which best define the character of that remedy. These outstanding symptoms - not less than five or more than ten of them - are termed the Minimum Characteristic Syndrome. Each chapter is then completed by a differential analysis of the remedy against numerous other remedies whose own most significant features closely overlap the character of the major remedy in question. The reader is reminded throughout that the value of symptoms will also be influenced by the miasmatic elements present within the case. This is a rigorous process by which the search for the correct prescription is simplified and facilitated.