Common Ailments of Children and their Homoeopathic Management

by M T Santwani

  • Common Ailments of Children and their Homoeopathic Management

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A child, truly called the fountain of life, has been bestowed with abound energy, zeal, curiosity and innocence which endear it to everyone. However, besides the proverbial teething troubles, a child has to face a plethora of trifling aches to serious infections and maladies which are a process of natural immunity—a necessary evil for its survival.

A child comes to this world as an individual and brings with it a stock of inherited miasms from its parents. The venereal miasms may show up in it at the secondary or tertiary levels. As it grows, it faces the exacerbation of acute miasms excited by numerous climatic, feeding and geographical conditions. Some of these exacerbations may come in the form of the common ailments like fevers, coughs, cold and diarrhoea but an intelligent physician should perceive the elephant attached at the other end of the string. A superficial treatment of the troubles not only suppresses and further complicates the condition but removes the possibility of a permanent cure. The childhood is, therefore, the most appropriate stage in the life of a man, which presents the characteristics of different miasms in a more pronounced and clear way than any other stage of the life. It is, therefore, the most useful period for the treatment of constitutional ailments and their management may subsequently make s difference between a healthy and exuberant or a sullen and diseased individual.

It is, therefore, with this motive that the author has undertaken to prepare this book to provide guidelines on the nature of the common ailment?, their miasmatic link and therapeutics so that each sick child is treated more rationally and on the constitutional level.

  • Author: M T Santwani
  • ISBN: 978-8170213925
  • 464 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 1994
  • Printed in India (Indian quality)