Cola: Homoeopathic Proving of Cola Nitida

by Bernd Schuster

  • Cola: Homoeopathic Proving of Cola Nitida

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From the cover:

The new remedy Cola belongs to the group of drug remedies. Drugs are often used to hiegten or expand perception, to enable the user to cross boundaries which Nature has set to the human powers of perception. The drugs cannabis, coca ("sacred plant of the Incas"), cola ("food of the gods") and peyote ("flesh of God") are seen as "divine substances" which create a link with the gods and spirits.

This full hahnemannian proving with 23 participants revealed feelings of invincibility, the idea of being able to carry the whole world on one's shoulders, or being able to see through the material person into the innnermost being or read a person's thoughts, ie mainly divine qualities and abilities which the provers ascribe to themselves, thus demonstrating a delusion of grandeur.

Insatiability is a central idea of the remedy ("I am like a bottomless pit"). The new remedy shows an effect in eating disorders (Insatiability and fear of being poisoned), mania and hyperactivity, disturbances of sugar metabolism, gastrointestinal illnesses with diarrhoea, problems with self-confidence, depression, sleepiness (fatigue), anxiety dreams and migraine. In Cola patients I have found a history of drug-taking with heroin, LSD and cocaine, a history of dipsomania or food abuse with others.

Bernd Schuster is a classical homoeopath and psychologist. With Bamboo he added an important remedy to the homoeopathic Materia Medica. Cola is his second homoeopathic proving.

  • Author: Bernd Schuster
  • ISBN: 398059582X
  • 305 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in Germany