Classical Homoeopathy (Repertory Edition) - Margery Blackie

  • Classical Homoeopathy (Repertory Edition) - Margery Blackie
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This book sets before the reader the enthusiasm, learning and deep clinical understanding of one of the foremost homoeopaths of our time. Classical Homoeopathy draws into one volume Dr. Blackie's teaching over the whole span of her career. The first part describes the thinking behind homoeopathy and the principles on which the successful homoeopathic prescription is based, with its recognition of the sick person as a body, mind and spirit relationship, bound inseparably as one. The major constitutional remedies are then studied in detail, either individually or differentiated within groups of related remedies. This is followed by the symptomatic treatment of illness or disability, analysing each of the remedies that may be of value, and distinguishing the particular circumstances in which one remedy is likely to be indicated in preference to another. Next there is a compact materia medica, summarising the essential characteristics of one hundred and eleven major remedies. The final part comprises a clinical repertory, relating symptoms to remedies already discussed in the book, and an index of remedies.