Classical Homeopathic Lectures: Volume G - Vassilis Ghegas

  • Classical Homeopathic Lectures: Volume G - Vassilis Ghegas
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Preface to Volume G

Over one's life, a person can be injured on several levels: mental, emotional and physical. Traumas at each of these levels will lead to specific consequences, each of which will need different groups of homeopathic remedies:

Emotional trauma: here, we will need the grief remedies such as NAT-M., IGN., PH-AC., etc. These remedies and their essences were treated in previous seminars.
Physical trauma: the remedies we need in physical trauma will be addressed in this seminar in the chapter 'Trauma' according to location and nature.
Mental trauma: this kind of trauma will usually effect the memory, so that the patient will become forgetful. Vassilis began this seminar with the chapter of the remedies which are forgetful.

Furthermore, Vassilis also discusses homeopathic treatment during pregnancy, labor and post partum. This is a very interesting subject for those who treat pregnant patients and who assist deliveries.

In addition to these three main subjects, Vassilis also presents three essences: those of KALI-C., LACH. and TUB.: they are described in a fascinating way.

Fons Vanden Berghe

June 1996

  • Author: Ghegas Vassilis
  • 172 pages
  • Printed in Belgium
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9789074077255