Classical Homeopathic Lectures: Volume A - Vassilis Ghegas

  • Classical Homeopathic Lectures: Volume A - Vassilis Ghegas
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Preface to Volume A

In this first seminar, Vassilis discusses the essence of NAT-M., NAT-S. and SULPH.

Besides, he gives a lot of information about treatment of acute diseases in daily homeopathic practice. You might get the impression that in acute diseases you have to look for remedies used for these acute diseases. But nothing is further from the truth!

Vassilis underlines again and again that in a classic homeopathic consultation you always have to take a complete homoeopathic history of the patient and to look for the polychrest that is most suited for the patient in general (information about the homeopathic consultation will be discussed in detail in future volumes).

If a remedy is perfect for a patient, in essence, keynotes or in its totality, you have to give this remedy, without regard to the complaint which brought the patient to you (Mostly, it will concern a polychrest).

If however, the whole does not correspond to a specific remedy, you have to look for the specific homeopathic remedy that corresponds to the specific acute situation ( this can be a polychrest or a small remedy).

From the experiences of the Athenian School and from his own experiences, Vassilis summarizes hierarchically the remedies indicated in one, specific acute situation, such as:

- Common cold
- Tonsillitis
- Whooping cough and severe cough
- Gastritis
- Cystitis
- Colitis and diarrhoea
- Allergic rhinitis
- Skin disorders
- Acne on the face
- Cancer
- Headache

Bear in mind that the use of this information in classical homeopathy is only justified if there is no other constitutional remedy indicated, or if your constitutional treatment is obstructed while your patient is developing a serious acute disease. In such causes, using this information will often help you so that the patient will not need antibiotics or other allopathic medication, and he will not turn his back on homeopathic treatment.

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  • Author: Ghegas Vassilis
  • 184 pages
  • Printed in Belgium
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9789074077149