Children's Types: 56 Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies

by Frans Kusse

  • Children's Types: 56 Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies
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"This outstanding and much-needed book fills a major gap in the homeopathic literature on children. It provides insights into nearly 60 remedies which Frans Kusse has found to be most useful for children.

Based on a solid foundation in classical homeopathy and Dr Kusse's own extensive clinical experience, it also incorporates Scholten's cutting-edge work with the Periodic Table. It is the first book in English to introduce Scholten's ground-breaking work to the general public. Written in a conversational style, it invites parents to discover their children's type and to explore the many ways that homeopathy can help their child.

For homeopathic practitioners and students, it explains how remedies well known in their adult "portraits" will manifest in children (not always easy to determine from the existing literature). Finally, it introduces some newer remedies that the author has found to be as useful as polychrests for children, such as Beryllium, Saccharum, and Lithium phos. The photos illustrating the children's types are a stunning addition." -- Begabati Lennihan, RN, CCH, Director, Teleosis School of Homeopathy

The old standard work by Borland on homeopathic child types has finally found a worthy modern successor to rework the subject matter and extend it by drawing on the author's own personal experience. People have often asked why there's no book which, apart from describing the well-known major child remedies, also covers the new remedies particularly well-suited to treating children. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer such a high-quality book to all those interested in homeopathy. Remedies such as Beryllium, Lithium, Manganum, Helium, Hydrogen, or Saccharum officinale are often indicated for children, but so far they have only been described in the treatment of adults or scattered through the professional journals.

The personable Dutch doctor, Dr Frans Kusse, was ideally suited to such a task due to his extensive clinical experience with children and his tireless commitment. We are now proud to present his successful Dutch work for the first time in English. Due to the outstanding clinical quality of the book, we did not simply want to leave it at a translation. The high caliber of the 57 remedy descriptions made it worthwhile to enrich the book with photographic portraits - homeopathic typology in particular can benefit from such portraits. From our practice in Kandern, we were able to add 47 photographs of children.

Most remedies have two characteristic pictures, which often show astonishing similarities as a pair. These are almost all long-standing cases that responded very well to the remedy in question, mostly repeatedly and with excellent effects when the remedy was given again months or years later. The first constitutional-typological photos of homeopathic remedies came from the German doctor, the late Dr Beuchelt, from whose work several photos are shown here with the kind agreement of his family. We sincerely hope this enchanting book will help all colleagues, interested parents and grandparents, teachers and psychologists to recognize the child remedies shown!

  • Author: Frans Kusse
  • ISBN: 9783939931911
  • 270 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2011
  • Printed in Germany