Carbon (Organic and Hydrocarbon Remedies in Homeopathy)

by Roger Morrison

  • Carbon (Organic and Hydrocarbon Remedies in Homeopathy)
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Carbon is the foundation of all life. It is the most prolific element, found in more molecules than all of the other elements combined. An entire subdivision of the field of chemistry, organic chemistry is devoted solely to the study of Carbon. Furthermore, some of our oldest and best-proved homeopathic remedies are Carbon-based.

There are nearly 200 of these remedies found in the homeopathic pharmacopeia. And, despite the overwhelming importance of this element, homeopaths have less understanding of Carbon remedies than any of the other common elements. Dr Roger Morrison, with his extensive chemistry background, has spent five years researching all aspects of the Carbon remedies. This book is the fruit of that labour.

The first section of this book explores the nature of the Carbon remedies showing the underlying mental, general and physical characteristics that are common to all patients requiring these remedies. Through studying this section, the prescriber will become readily able to identify patients who require a Carbon remedy.

Next, the book provides an in-depth materia medica to all of the nearly 200 Carbon remedies currently in the homeopathic pharmacopeia, including knowledge from all existing homeopathic literature and exhaustive toxicological data. The author has culled this data from a broad spectrum of toxicology reference works as well as dozens of governmental and international websites. Included in the materia medica is the author's synthesis and unique understanding of each remedy.

Finally, representative cured cases are provided when available, taken from the author's cases and from many modern and past homeopaths. Thus, this materia medica is the most thorough exposition of the Carbon remedies available in the world.

The final sections of the book provide insights regarding the various sub-categories of organic compounds. The purpose of this section is to give the prescriber mechanisms and strategies for differentiating between the many existing Carbon remedies. By careful analysis of provings and cured cases, this section makes it possible to differentiate between the various organic chemical categories. Great effort has been made so that prescribers may understand these categories even without any knowledge of organic chemistry whatsoever.

In short, this book is aimed in every way toward making this previously mysterious and seriously under-prescribed group of remedies accessible and usable in daily practice.

  • Author: Roger Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780963536846
  • 842 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2006
  • Printed in United States