Behind the Glass Screen: A Homeopathic Survey of Ozone - Anne Vervarcke

  • Behind the Glass Screen: A Homeopathic Survey of Ozone - Anne Vervarcke
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Ozone is an essential element of life and Anne Vervarke's book, "Behind the glass Screen: A Homeopathic Survey of Ozone," is an essential to finding Ozone cases in your practice. The extensive research of the substance, Anne Schadde's proving, and clearly analyzed cases using the Sensation Method make this remedy easy to identify and prescribe. This book is a must-have Materia Medica for your library. - Melissa Burch CCH, RsHom (NA). The book Ozone is like a complete capsule of information about the source as well as the clinical side of ozone. Anne is a good friend and a sensitive homeopath. We hope her hard work helps many readers to pick Ozone cases. They shall now be easy to recognize and not so elusive and distant like the gas itself. - Bhawisha & Joshi, Shachindra. This book is a welcome addition for homeopaths. It confirms the Periodic system analysis and the provings of Ozone. The central role of Oxygen in our Earth system and in the global warming makes this book very interesting. - Jan Scholten. Anne Vervarcke's book Ozone draws on a wide range of resources. She gives a clear chemical understanding of both Ozone and Oxygenium, and weaves together the ideas, hypotheses, insights and intelligence of many modern homeopaths. The book is crowned by eight Ozone and three Oxygenium cases, many from her own practice, and her method, the AV Method of anamnesis and analysis is explained and used throughout. If you want to understand Ozone, one of the most undervalued remedies of our time, this is the book that says it all. - Jenni Tree.