Autism Reversal Toolbox - Jerry M Kantor

  • Autism Reversal Toolbox - Jerry M Kantor
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Strategies, Remedies, Resources

In the most comprehensive book to date on the homeopathic treatment of autism, Jerry Kantor introduces a master plan, the Sine Wave Method, offering a diverse range of tools. The toolbox contains (and improves on) the strongest existing approaches plus an expanded arsenal of useful remedies. Clinically successful on a consistent basis, the Sine Wave method also commits to a mission: evolving increasingly potent strategies to understand, eliminate and prevent autism spectrum disorder. Parents as well as professionals will gain a great deal from this book, as it includes dozens of interventions they can do at home (nutritional supplements, Qi Gong massage, grounding, interactive play) and advice on how to find a homeopath who can treat their autistic child. The professional homeopath will learn: - why our toxic environment makes it difficult to use classical homeopathy alone for the multifactorial condition of autism - the most extensive available materia medica for autism, including foundational polychrests, Inspiring Homeopathy remedies, Lanthanides, gases, Gem Essences, Meditative Proving remedies, and Color and Sound remedies - specific methods for handling aggravations, healing crises, and gut issues - a new twist on the classic Never Well Since analysis: Farah Gron’s Environmental Never Well Since method to address environmental toxic insults - use of the Unda numbers and gemmotherapy for detox and drainage. The book also includes: - eight detailed cases indicating how to change remedy or potency - guidance on avoiding aggravations in the CEASE method (the reason parents tend to avoid this highly effective method) - an understanding of autism based on Traditional Chinese Medicine - an introduction to the Homotoxicology approach of Reckeweg - insights into the brain biochemistry behind autism.

  • Author: Kantor Jerry M
  • ISBN: 9789076189529
  • 214 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in The Netherlands