Appearance and Circumstance

by Grant Bentley

  • Appearance and Circumstance

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Miasms, Facial Features and Homoeopathy

Appearance and Circumstance, by Grant Bentley, contains explanations and facial charts to aid the homeopath in utilising these concepts. Facial feature identification can be incorporated into any current case-taking method. By the end of his life, Hahnemann regarded himself as a miasmatic prescriber and made a clear distinction between this method and symptom prescribing only. The further he examined the miasm theory, the more convinced he became that miasms are the key to understanding chronic disease, and unlocking a case.

Extending on Hahnemann's original idea of three primary miasms, this book details the development of the complex miasms - Tubercular, Syco-Psora, Syco-Syphilis and Cancer, as well as the three primary miasms.

Understanding that miasms are genetically inherited influences, the author discusses how each miasm will dominate physical structure, pathology and mental outlook. Recognizing the lifetime influence of a miasm helps to explain the events and circumstances that surround us.

Every individual is dominated by one of these miasms and facial features have been identified and matched to each group to be used as clinical aids. Themes together with facial features enable a practitioner to recognize the dominant miasm of the patient.

  • Author: Grant Bentley
  • ISBN: 9781877029479
  • 286 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2003
  • Printed in Australia