An Update on Bowel Nosodes with Comparisons

by Varanasi Roja, Debadatta Nayak, Chaturbhuja Nayak

  • An Update on Bowel Nosodes with Comparisons

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The intriguing bowel nosodes are important but often neglected part of homoeopathic materia medica. The use of bowel nosodes has long been limited by the practitioners, owing largely to their limited proving. However, more and more clinicians are now willing to shed their inhibitions for using these medicines, given their wide range of therapeutic action. Unfortunately, not much is published on bowel nosodes ever since the concept came into being. This book is designed to suit the needs of teachers and students, as well as clinicians and researchers, who are willing to explore the field of bowel nosodes. Fortified with historical facts, direct clinical experiences of reputed clinicians, and latest research outcomes, this publication is a much-needed addition to one s consortium of books.

An analytical comparison drawn between bowel nosodes and their related non-bowel medicines is the hallmark of this book. It will enable the readers to develop explicit understanding for bowel nosodes and encourage them to probe into the unfathomed area of homoeopathic therapeutics. The elaborate profiles of polychrest bowel nosodes will facilitate easier understanding of the drug pictures by the students and help the teachers for classroom lectures. The clinicians willing to prescribe bowel nosodes to their patients will also benefit from the detailed symptomatology given in the book. In all, this book will be the perfect reference source for anything one would like to know about bowel nosodes.