An Introduction to Veterinary Medicine

by Steven Kayne

  • An Introduction to Veterinary Medicine

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An Introduction to Veterinary Medicine will equip pharmacists, veterinary nurses and SQPs with the knowledge necessary to enable a confident and appropriate  involvement in this fascinating area of practice.  The book provides  information on public health issues associated with keeping animals, veterinary pharmacy including the  formulation and supply of veterinary medicinal products as well as comprehensive sections on the maintenance of good health and the management of disease in companion animals, equines, fish, birds and food producing animals. There is also a section on complementary and alternative therapies for animals. 

About the editor:

Dr Steven Kayne is a pharmacist with almost 40 years experience of community practice. He completed the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Diploma in Agricultural and Veterinary Pharmacy in 1991 and has lectured and written widely on topics associated with veterinary pharmacy. He was joint editor of Veterinary Pharmacy published in 2004. For many years he was editor of the Veterinary Pharmacist,  The Veterinary Pharmacists’ Group Newsletter, and  is currently Director of the multi disciplinary Veterinary Pharmacy Education Programme that is now jointly provided by the RPSGB and Harper Adams University College.

  • Author: Steven Kayne
  • ISBN: 9780955906534
  • 650 pages
  • Edition: Second
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2011
  • Printed in United Kingdom