A Wander with a Little Wonder - Dinesh Chauhan

  • A Wander with a Little Wonder - Dinesh Chauhan
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Over the years to develop a system of case taking that Dinesh intended to be, ageless, timeless, beyond any personality and more importantly Human Centric, he develops his own Art of case taking (Case Witnessing Process) that helps to reach the deepest core of the patient with a relative ease. A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case Witnessing explores the efficacy of the process in treating children. The entire process is completely scientific and reproducible. The first half of the book, Talk the talk, discusses key ideas and concepts and examines the homeopaths role as a catalyst in case witnessing. The second half, Walk the Talk, presents fascinating case examples. The entire effort behind this book is to provide A to Z of the Case witnessing Process (including various techniques that help unearth the difficult cases) that is specialized for each individual child (Hence-Child-Centric) and which is scientific, easy to follow and reproducible by all. Dr. Chauhan's scientific approach is applicable not only to children; its universality will be discussed in his forthcoming books A Journey of the Case Witnessing Process and A Journey after the Simillimum.