A Practical Guide to Methods of Homeopathic Prescribing - Ellen Kramer

  • A Practical Guide to Methods of Homeopathic Prescribing - Ellen Kramer
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Homeopathy is the science of individuality. The science of measurement and statistics has a long way to go before it is mature enough to be able to deal with the individual event. The astonishing elegance of Hahnemann's 'Principle of Similars' is probably one of the great develpments in human thinking, similar to the invention of the idea of zero. A principle has no fixed method of application. This means that there are an unknown number of ways of applying the 'Principle of Similars'. This book is a very competent exploration of some of the better tested methods in clinical use. Explore them with an open mind for they all work with the patients they are best suited for. No method will work on every patient. None. The trick, as they say, is to find the similarity and that is defined by the overarching therapeutic question 'what is to be cured, right now?' This question is what defines therapies and the varying methodologies of those therapies. Each of us needs to be taught the necessary clinical and observational flexibility to be able to answer that simple question for each of our individual patients. Otherwise, as the old saying goes 'if you only have a hammer, then everything has to be a nail'. This book of proven methods is a fine way to expand your tool-kit far beyond the classical 'hammer'. I would advise you to read it many times, using it as a base for a process of wonderful expansive ongoing learning. Used with courage and persistence these methods and their individual application will greatly increase your value to your patients and increase your own satisfaction in your mission of cure.

  • Author: Kramer Ellen
  • 87 pages
  • Printed in UK
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780955555206