A Portrait of Natrum Mur - Rajan Sankaran

  • A Portrait of Natrum Mur - Rajan Sankaran
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Drugs are like friends. First we have a nodding acquaintance then closer friendship. As we get to know the friend more and more, we recognise him from his footsteps and even from the way he rings the door bell. Similarly, when we read more and more about the remedy and meet it in practice, we come to recognize it even when it is partially seen or appears disguised. This ability is often called "intuition".
The problem of how to study a remedy and how to teach it has baffled many a homoeopath. We have Hering's voluminous Guiding Symptoms and that magnum opus, Allen's Encvclopedia. Smaller Materia Medicas like Boger's Synoptic Key or Boericke's Materia Medica too give us a schematic list of Symptoms. These works adorn our libraries and are valuable reference books. But if we go into them to study and linderstand the remedies, we are likely to run away from Homoeopathy for life. The Materia Medica Pura, for instance, begins with the Symptoms of giddiness and ends with mental Symptoms. One famous homoeopath remarked "Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura begins with vertigo and ends in confusion".'
In this book Natrum Mur will not be a mass of unconnected Symptoms. You will see its Symptoms forming a definite picture. You will meet Natrum Mur again and again. Sixty most famous Homoeopaths will share with you their clinical experiences of Natrum Mur. You will know how the Natrum Mur patient thinks, talks, walks. You will recognise the various forms in which Natrum Mur can present itself. You will learn how to clinically differentiate Natrum Mur from other similar remedies.
Natrum Mur will come alive for you.