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Compendium of Human Diseases and Their Cure by Homeopathic Treatment - Shaik Rahmathullah Clinical Observations of Children's Remedies by Farokh Master Constipation - Kamal Kansal
Metals in Homeopathy - Patricia Le Roux Warning Signs and Similar Symptoms: A Desktop Reference Guide for Alternative and Complementary Practitioners by Ernest Roberts and Juliet Williams Homoeopathic Sketches of Children's Types by Catherine Coulter
Homoeopathy as Art and Science - Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard Sankaran's Schema (2007 Reprinted Edition) - Rajan Sankaran Into the Periodic Table - Jayesh Shah
An Insight into Plants (Volume 3) - Rajan Sankaran Signatures, Miasms, Aids (Spirital Aspects of Homeopathy) by Misha Norland Homeopathic Remedy Pictures: Studying with Cartoons - Alexander Gothe and Julia Drinnenburg
The Spirit of Homoeopathy - Rajan Sankaran Homeopathy: Medicine for the New Millenium (27th Edition) - George Vithoulkas Snakes to Simillimum - Farokh Master

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