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Sea Remedies: Evolution of The Senses - Jo Evans Medical Homeopathy (Second Edition) - Steve Smith Homoeopathy: A Rational Choice in Medicine by Mo Morrish
Case Management in Homeopathic Medicine - Alastair C Gray Compendium of Human Diseases and Their Cure by Homeopathic Treatment - Shaik Rahmathullah The Prescribed Drug Guide, A Holistic Perspective by Stephen Gascoigne
Fighting Fire with Fire - Ton Jansen An Update on Bowel Nosodes with Comparisons - C Nayak, D Nayak and V Roja The Homeopathic Treatment of Children: Pediatric Constitutional Types by Paul Herscu
Snakes to Simillimum - Farokh Master A Guide to Starting Your Own Complementary Therapy Practice by Elaine Aldred Insects: Escaping the Earth (Extended 2010 Edition) - Peter Fraser
Studies in the Philosophy of Healing - Cyrus Maxwell Boger Clinical Observations of Children's Remedies by Farokh Master The Spirit of Homoeopathy - Rajan Sankaran

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