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Sankaran's Schema (2007 Reprinted Edition) - Rajan Sankaran Australian Bush Flower Remedies - Ian White Self Destructiveness (Acute and Chronic Attitude to Injuring the 'Self') - Massimo Mangialavori
Meditative Provings (Volume 1) - Madeline Evans Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White Sankaran's Plant Sensations in Pictures - Rajan Sankaran and Sandra Petri
A Shot in the Dark: Why the P in the D.P.T vaccination may be hazardous to your child's health by Harris Coulter and Barbara Fisher Autism, Beyond Despair: CEASE Therapy by Tinus Smits Spiders: Suspended Between Earth and Sky - Peter Fraser
Homoeopathy as Art and Science - Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard Classical Homoeopathy for an Impatient World - Subrata K Banerjea The Child's Mind and Behaviour (A Repertory), 2nd Edition, Peter Tumminello
Homeopathic Mind Maps; Remedies of the Class Aves (Birds) - Alicia Lee Understanding Classical Homoeopathy - Heidi Grollmann Remedy Notes 2 - John Wallace
Understanding Classical Homoeopathy - Heidi Grollmann
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