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More Magic of the Minimum Dose by Dorothy Shepherd The Homeopathic Treatment of Children: Pediatric Constitutional Types by Paul Herscu Notes on Miasm Heredity and Nosodes (2nd Edition) - Filip Degroote
Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms by Roger Morrison Homeopathic Clinical Repertory, Third Edition by Robin Murphy Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy: Archetypal Dimensions of Healing - Jane Cicchetti
Medical Homeopathy (Second Edition) - Steve Smith 44 Remedies and 22 Eliminating Rubrics - Satya Paul
Impossible Cure - Amy Lansky Constipation - Kamal Kansal Metals in Homeopathy - Patricia Le Roux
About Potencies - Margriet Plouvier-Suijs Inspiring Homeopathy: Treatment of Universal Layers - Tinus Smits Homoeopathy and Minerals - Jan Scholten

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