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Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing - Margaret Roy Notes on Miasm Heredity and Nosodes (2nd Edition) - Filip Degroote Syphilis (2nd Edition) - Jeremy Sherr
Constipation - Kamal Kansal An Insight into Plants (Volume 3) - Rajan Sankaran
Happy Healthy Kids: From Conception to Age 7 with Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White Bowel Nosode Materia Medica - Anthony Bickley Survival: The Mollusc - Rajan Sankaran
The Soul of Remedies - Rajan Sankaran Cancer in Animals: What is to be Cured? - Sue E Armstrong Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms by Roger Morrison
Understanding Homoeopathy - Sarah Worne Spiders: Suspended Between Earth and Sky - Peter Fraser Butterflies: An Innovative Guide to the Use of Butterfly Remedies in Homeopathy - Patricia Le Roux

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