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Medical Homeopathy (Second Edition) - Steve Smith Prisma - Frans Vermeulen Homeopathic Dictionary - Jay Yasgur
Prisma - Frans Vermeulen
Our Price: £50.00
Lac Remedies in Practice - Philip Bailey Clinical Observations of Children's Remedies by Farokh Master The Field by Lynne McTaggart
Understanding Homoeopathy - Sarah Worne Crossroads to Cure (The Homoeopath's Guide to Second Prescription) by Nicola Henriques The Science of Homeopathy - George Vithoulkas
Stramonium (With an Introduction to Analysis Using Segments and Cycles) - Paul Herscu Remedy Notes - John Wallace
Session 6 - Precious and Base Metals: An Alchemical View - Massimo Mangialavori Understanding Disease by John Ball Insights into the Consciousness of Snake Remedies - Sadhana Thakkar

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