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The Field by Lynne McTaggart
Understanding Disease by John Ball A Guide to the Methodologies of Homeopathy by Ian Watson Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification - Massimo Mangialavori
Cancer in Animals: What is to be Cured? - Sue E Armstrong The Substance of Homoeopathy - Rajan Sankaran Structure: Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom (2 Volumes) - Rajan Sankaran
Twelve Jewels: Gems in Homeopathy - Peter Tumminello Birds: Seeking the Freedom of the Sky by Peter Fraser Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing - Margaret Roy
A Shot in the Dark: Why the P in the D.P.T vaccination may be hazardous to your child's health by Harris Coulter and Barbara Fisher Homeopathic Remedy Pictures: Studying with Cartoons - Alexander Gothe and Julia Drinnenburg Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques - Robin Murphy

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