Toxicity and the Use of Fossil Remedies

by Martine Mercy

  • Toxicity and the Use of Fossil Remedies
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Is it a coincidence that so much is written on toxicity nowadays or is the problem of toxicity becoming more perceived as a danger to the public? Can the public live in a toxic environment without showing signs of ill heath? Toxicity nowadays has such an impact on our health and life that very often we do not always recognise the origin of our malaise. This book on toxicity and the Fossil kingdom was only intended to be a short guide merely on metal toxicity but patients have encouraged me to look at other forms of toxicity as their illnesses were not responding to traditional allopathy. I felt compelled to address this problem and try to discover some new fossil remedies capable of combating this ever–growing problem. Possibly, I was very driven to solve this health issue as I suffered myself from Titanium poisoning and my mother suffered from osteo-necrosis 18 months after her hip replacement