Thuja Occidentalis - L M Khan

  • Thuja Occidentalis - L M Khan
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A handy reader to help glean an overview of this important rememdy.

The publisher:

The cypress was regarded as a SACRED TREE by many people.

Thanks to its longevity and evergreen leaves, the cypress - Thuja - was called the Tree of life. The Ancient Greeks and Romans associated it with Underworld deities.

It was the tree of the regions below, linked with the worship of Pluto1 and for this reason, planted in graveyards.

It owes its place as the funeral tree around the whole Mediterranean Basin to the common symbolism of the Conifer, its incorruptible resin and evergreen leaves suggesting immortality and resurrection. 'Winter frosts only emphasise the powers of resistance possessed by the cypress, from which they cannot take its leaves'.

  • Author: Khan L M
  • 59 pages
  • Printed in India
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