The Illustrated Materia Medica - Kamal Kansal

  • The Illustrated Materia Medica - Kamal Kansal
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One of many problems we encounter in practicing homeopathy is the conversion of the patients symptoms in the proper language of the Repertory of Kent. In order to overcome this problem one should be able to understand exactly the meaning of each rubric, the rubric should be as complete as possible, all the additional rubrics and remedies and cross-references by a variety of reliable authors should be known. Once this task is done one should be able to differentiate as many remedies as possible in the rubrics in order to pin-point the one and only remedy the patients needs to get. This book has been made with the purpose of helping you to overcome as many of the above mentioned problems as possible by studying the Repertory of Kent page, rubric by rubric, and wherever possible, remedy by remedy