The Book of Herbal Wisdom - Matthew Wood

  • The Book of Herbal Wisdom - Matthew Wood
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"There are many fine herb books written by our country's great herbalists gracing the shelves these days. But only once in a while does a classic arise. The Book of Herbal Wisdom is surely that. Written with grace, intelligence, and warmth, this book is richly infused with the gift of wisdom and earns its title at every turn. Matthew Wood has created an original tome that is destined to survive long after the fading of other herb titles of our time." -Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Healing for Women.

In "The Book of Herbal Wisdom" Matthew Wood creates a vast and sweeping history of herbalism, drawing on Western botanical knowledge, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Native American shamanic botany. Detailing the history and use of more than forty plants, he shows how each tradition views a plant, as well as its use in cases drawn from his own herbal and homeopathic practice. An initial section describes signatures, similars, and patterns in these traditions, and elements, temperaments, and constitutions.
Wood has two objectives: to demonstrate how herbal medicines are agents of healing and wisdom, arid to give the reader a useful catalogue of plants for medicinal uses. His clinical observations of his patients bear the wry wisdom of the country doctor; his love of plants is evident in lush botanical descriptions, which show the connection between remedies - whether homeopathic, Chinese, or Native American - and the plants from which they are derived. "The Book of Herbal Wisdom" brings to readers centuries of lore about healing from indigenous traditions, at a time when people are exploring empirical ethnosciences with a seriousness unparalleled in history. In no other contemporary botanical compendium have North American Indian medicine, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western herbalism been so thoroughly integrated, and so engagingly described.
Matthew Wood is the author of "Seven Herbs: Plants As Teachers" and "The Magical Staff". He has been a practicing herbalist and homeopath for fourteen years. He lives and works at Sunnyfield Herb Farm in Minnestrista, MN.
  • Author: Wood Matthew
  • 580 pages
  • Printed in USA
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781556432323