Stress Management - Arvin Singh Panwar

  • Stress Management - Arvin Singh Panwar
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Do you see yourself as yet another victim of this fast-paced life? Do you often throw up your arms and feel that you cannot take it anymore? Well! What happens to you is nothing extraordinary-most of us go through these phases of severe stress, an outfall of modern life-styles. Stress or anxiety in small doses is all right, or rather beneficial, as it can be the driving force for an individual to do better in life. However, if tension becomes a constant feature of your life, if it out stays its hospitality, then it is the correct time for you to do something about it; govern it before it governs you. Stress is just like a termite; eats you from inside, severely debilitating your health and physical well-being. It is all in the mind. To fight stress and tension one needs to develop the habit of Positive Thinking. Simply just read this book 'ONCE', and manage your stress.