Questions, Questions: Materia Medica for Homeopathy - Neil Slade

  • Questions, Questions: Materia Medica for Homeopathy - Neil Slade
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Over 900 questions and answers about materia medica covering 178 remedies derived from plants, animals, elements, minerals & metals, acids, nosodes and bowel nosodes. This book is written as a self-learning adjunct to most courses on homeopathy and also as a knowledge refresher for busy homeopaths.

One of the things students find hard about this subject is getting to grips with the sheer volume of facts and terms about each remedy. This book is the first step along the way to help you try and commit the facts and terms to memory and thus aid your recall of the main indications and keynotes of important remedies.

What you will find in this workbook are a series of short answer questions that will test your knowledge of many of the basic facts and main indications of remedies. At times there is also information about remedy relationships and acute and chronic remedies. At the end is a test yourself 'Spot the Remedy' quiz.

  • Author: Slade Neil
  • 288 pages
  • Printed in UK
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781312681187