Nature's Materia Medica (Third Edition) - Robin Murphy

  • Nature's Materia Medica (Third Edition) - Robin Murphy
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Nature's Materia Medica is the 3rd edition of the Homeopathic Remedy Guide. Over 1,400 homeopathic and herbal remedies from around the world are reviewed as to their homeopathic, herbal and historical uses.

Nature's Medica Medica has been entirely updated with spelling and grammar corrections. A completely revised introduction has been also been written. 2240 pages, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, on bible paper in one volume, weighing 3.4 pounds.

New Homeopathic and Herbal Commentaries from Dr. Murphy's lecture notes. Historical reviews from Anshutz, Bach, Boericke, Burnett, Clarke, Cooper, Hahnemann, Hale, Hering, Nash, Phatak, Radamacher and others.

New homeopathic and herbal resources. New Nature's Repertory, homeopathic and herbal glossary, homeopathic directory, remedy index, etc.

A homeopathic and herbal materia medica combined, which covers historical uses, folklore, legends, case studies, therapeutics, toxicology, provings and pharmacy of many homeopathic and herbal remedies etc.

Over 200 new homeopathic and herbal remedies and new provings. New herbal and homeopathic remedies from modern and historical research. Milks, Mushrooms, Trees, Flowers, Minerals, Gemstones, Toxins, Nosodes, etc.

1400 homeopathic and herbal remedy monographs - Pharmacy, Clinical, Herbal, Homeopathic, Mind, Schema, Commentary, Relationships, References.

Alphabetical schema - Abdomen, Back, Chest, Ears, Eyes, Face, Female, Food, Head, Heart, Kidneys, Limbs, Lungs, Male, Mouth, Nose, Rectum, Skin, Stomach, Throat, Vertigo, etc. The schema is designed to match the chapters in the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory.


  • Author: Murphy Robin
  • 2240 pages
  • Printed in USA
  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781424321872