Miasms and Nosodes - The Origins of Disease (Volume 1) - Louis Klein

  • Miasms and Nosodes - The Origins of Disease (Volume 1)
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Louis Klein is a homeopathic pioneer who uses many previously unknown nosodes. He describes new miasms and defines the existing miasms anew in a demystified and easily understandable way. According to him, miasms are nothing more than resulting chronic states of infectious diseases, and nosodes are the remedies derived from these infectious diseases. On the basis of his broad clinical experience he attributed many known remedies to miasmatic states. A miasmatic state becomes the core idea around which similar remedies are grouped. For example Tetanus miasm signifies states of spastic paralysis, which can be treated with remedies of this miasmatic realm. Apart from its prototype, the Tetanus nosode, Tetanus miasm incorporates remedies like Angustura, Hypericum, and Helodrilus. So this new miasmatic classification of remedies is highly practical and useful.

This book is the first of a series of 3 volumes, where Louis Klein describes the history of miasms and his systematic new approach to this concept of disease. In his first volume, he presents the following categories of infectious agents: Burkholderiales and the Pertussis miasm Clostridiales and the Tetanus miasm, Corynebacteriaceae and Diphtheria Mycobacterium and the Tubercular and Leprosy miasm including newly proven Johneinum (Crohns disease), Parasitic Protozoa and Parasitic miasms such as the Malaria miasm and the Toxoplasmosis miasm, Enterobacillales including the Bach Bowel Nosodes, the Typhoid miasm, the Yersinia miasm and similar remedies belonging to theses miasms. Many of the miasms are demonstrated through several excellent cases, which speak for themselves. This book is a class of its own. As Rajan Sankaran is known for plant remedies and Jan Scholten for the periodic table, Louis Klein will be known for miasms and nosodes.

"Nosodes have the aspect of being vague, not precisely defined. Lou Klein has the capacity to work with this vagueness very effectively. He knows how to extract the essence of the remedy from provings, from natural history and especially from patients. He is able to make the vague more exact. This book is the first to do this successfully in homeopathy. I see this book as a must for every homeopath." - Jan Scholten

  • Author: Louis Klein
  • ISBN: 9783939931683
  • 526 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in Germany