Medical Homeopathy (Second Edition) - Steve Smith

  • Medical Homeopathy (Second Edition) - Steve Smith
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This second edition has improved layout and consistency of structure to improve usage. It also has an extended index that helps the reader and a few new topics, plus some text has been changed. My intention in writing this book is to provide practitioners and students alike with an easy and accessible reference tool. Having taught medical sciences in several colleges of Homoeopathy over the last 10 years, it has become apparent that there is no text that effectively bridges the homoeopathic and medical divide-that is the purpose of this book. As you work your way through each chapter, there are a few brief notes on the anatomy and physiology of the system (in the form of a quick recap.) You'll notice that there are no pictures-there are thousands of resources in other places with fabulous 3-D, full colour, even animated pictures, so I recommend you search them out to refer to alongside this text. My aim has been to simplify the typical disease processes that occur within each system. The advantage of this approach is that the book can be used as an instant reference for students and practitioners of homoeopathy. Every chapter clearly places conventional medical terminology, diagnoses, and treatment within a homoeopathic context, whilst also collating the very best specific and therapeutic homoeopathic remedies within a medical framework. The remedies and adjunctive treatments laid out here are culled from my own clinical experience and that of those of the busiest and most successful practitioners in the homoeopathic world.

  • Author: Smith Steve
  • 272 pages
  • Printed in UK
  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781874581901