Luminos Homeopathic Provings - Louis Klein

  • Luminos Homeopathic Provings - Louis Klein
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These provings were conducted by students of the Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC) Course, sponsored by Luminos Homeopathic Courses Ltd, conducted in various locations. Containing the complete provings, repertories, and substance reports of: Argentum sulphuratum Carbon dioxide Coriandrum sativum Helodrilus caliginosus Vanilla planifolia Proving Integrity Agreement "Provings affirm the positive and awesome nature of homeopathy�s underlying principle of similar curing similar and its potential ability to overcome whatever disease states may come our way." - Lou Klein

  • Author: Klein Louis
  • 442 pages
  • Printed in Canada
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780973184303