Iridology, A Complete Guide (revised edition)

by Farida Sharan

  • Iridology, A Complete Guide (revised edition)
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Iridology – A Compete Guide offers a complete system of natural medicine based on valuable information gained from Iridology Analysis. The book presents the full language of Iridology - colours, textures, iris markings, sclera signs, pupil variations and constitutions and includes an in depth honouring of Iridologists from around the world who established the foundation of the science of Iridology. It weaves natural therapeutics based on the inner ecology of organs, systems and glands, including naturopathy treatments, herbal nutrition, healing diets, flower essences, essential oils and body work recommendations.

This is a textbook for Iridologists and a treatment manual for practitioners interested in understanding purification, regeneration and transformation. These unique teachings are based on the self-healing principles of the School of Natural Medicine.

  • Author: Farida Sharan
  • ISBN: 9781493772513
  • 256 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United States