Homoeopathia Pura - Pieter Michel Constant

  • Homoeopathia Pura - Pieter Michel Constant
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Modern medicine, how sophisticated it may be, views the human body as matter, while homeopathy, founded by Samuel Hahnemann, sees the body as governed by the soul. Although the merits of modern medical techniques are undeniable, homeopathy has the potential to truly cure illness and restore man's wholeness of body and mind. Himself a successful long time practitioner of homeopathic medicine, Pieter Michel Constant shows that the ancient philosophy of Aristotle, long neglected, can serve as the foundation of a new theory of homeopathy or Homoeopathia Pura. In a detailed analysis Constant argues that Aristotelian philosophy helps to explain the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment. It also helps to understand the root causes of the disintegration of body and soul. Pieter Michel Constant was a homeopathic doctor for more than thirty years. He is also a philosopher, studying the theoretical basis of homeopathic thinking. His book Homoeopathia Pura is essential reading for everyone interested in homeopathic theory.