Fundamental Basis of Irisdiagnosis - Theodor Kriege

  • Fundamental Basis of Irisdiagnosis - Theodor Kriege
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Irisdiagnosis is the Science of diagnosing illness from the marks and colour changes in the iris of the human eye. This has developed from the original observations and research of Ignaz von Peczeley, a Hungarian, who published his findings in 1880. This stimulated further independent research by people such as Liljequist in Sweden and Schlegel and Thiel in Germany, and soon this method of diagnosis was applied by homoeopathic and naturopathic practitioners in both Europe and America. The First World War ended the close contact that had developed between the American and German schools and the findings of much important research that was conducted both before and after the Second World War in Germany, was never published in English.

Herr Theordor Kriege devoted a life-time to the subject of Irisdiagnosis and this book provides the serious beginner with a sound basis of instruction. He draws not only from his own experience but also from the research of other leading European practitioners, who have followed in the steps of von Peczely. The book has been translated into English by A W Priest, a naturopathic and physiomedical practitioner. His special interest in Irisdiagnosis and command of the Germany language, have enabled him to convey the clarity and simplicity of the original work.

The English Translated was first published in 1969 and marked an important turning point in the re-establishment of an international school in Iridology. Since then the book has been further revised and re-issued regularly.

  • Author: Kriege Theodor
  • 120 pages
  • Printed in United Kingdom
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780091929930