Fairylike Mosses - Jan Scholten

  • Fairylike Mosses - Jan Scholten
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From the back cover of the book:

The mosses have been a mostly unknown territory in homeopathy. In the old literature one finds only Polytrichum juniperinum and there is little information in the modern literature. One has to imagine that there are about 1500 genera and 15000 species. And there were about five of them in homeopathy.

A few years ago Britta Dahnrich started the research on mosses by doing proving of Polytrichum formosum and Brachythecium rutabulum. One wonders about the names of these mosses, coming from another world. She also had a few very good cases helped by mosses. Gradually an image started to form about them. Britta Dahnrich found a moss specialist in Tubingen, Michael Sauer. He was open and helped to get samples of mosses and to identify them. This helped increasing the amount of mosses to about 40. The problem then was how to use them. A proving weekend gave more mosses and proving pictures. With a group of 8 people we did about 30 sense provings in a few days. This book is in a way a report of the result of these provings. We choose for sense provings because they give relatively reliable result with relatively little effort.

The next step was to put all the information together: the information of the proving, the botany of the mosses and the classification. This book is the result of the above process. The development of the knowledge on mosses is far from perfect, far from finished. At the moment about 50 mosses are available, which is a huge extension of what was present. Information iin this book can be unsure, it is a tentative approach. But it is better to have a start than to have nothing.

The mosses live in a strange world, a kind of fairy tale world, hence the title of the book. We have the impression that mosses are very much needed for our patients. They cover very deep problems from early childhood trauma's, mental handicap, schizophrenia and the like. They are needed for people who are unable to cope with life, to find a job and an income, to live on their own..

One an see Fairylike Mosses as the start of opening a new field in homeopathy. It is in Stage 4, so to speak. The goal is to get feedback from many directions, so that the information can be expanded, corrected and added.