Depression after Childbirth - Katharina Dalton

  • Depression after Childbirth - Katharina Dalton
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Throughout the world, thousands of new cases of postnatal depression come to light each week. The results can be devastating not only for the mother herself, but also for her partner, family, and friends. In most extreme form it can lead to infanticide or suicide. Depression After Childbirth is the classic text on postnatal depression, one that countless women have found invaluable in helping them understand and cope with this devastating disorder. The book has now been in print for over 20 years, and is in its fourth edition. The text treats postnatal depression as a hormonal rather than a psychological disease and has now been extensively updated, and includes many new chapters drawing on the latest scientific findings. Included are new chapters on careers and motherhood, coping with stress, a look at the role the partner can play, and the effects on them of PND, and a chapter examining maternal behaviour in animals. The result is a book that wil be essential for many women and those around them to help them through this difficult time.