Decachords: Top Ten Indications - A Gladstone Clarke

  • Decachords: Top Ten Indications - A Gladstone Clarke
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When a student is first introduced to the materia medica he is bewildered by the mass of symptoms presented under each drug and often seeks for a way out of the seeming maze. "Decachords" will provide the earnest student with some necessary clues guiding him to a practical acquaintance with more frequently used remedies. A number of additional remedies have been included at the end of the book, the indications taking the form of "Pentachords". These bring the total of drugs dealt with up to one hundred and twenty. The notes are gathered from various sources. Due acknowledgments are made to Sir John Weir and Dr. Wheeler, whose valuable lectures have furnished much of the material. Well-known works by Drs. Allen, Cowperthwaite, Nash and others have also been drawn upon for many keynotes.