Counsellors in Health Settings - (Ed) Kim Etherington

  • Counsellors in Health Settings - (Ed) Kim Etherington
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Focusing on the experiences of counsellors themselves, this book aims to provide a comprehensive resource for counsellors working in health contexts and for the health professionals who work with them and may take on counselling roles. The contributors, who include clients, health-care workers, psychiatrists and academics, as well as counsellors, show how counselling can and should form an integral part of a patient's health care, explaining key theoretical considerations and relevant research and applying these to suggestions for good practice. They also discuss the needs of counsellors themselves (for example, for supervision and support) and the variety of roles that counsellors and health-care workers are expected to fulfil. This book aims to inform and improve the work of professionals in a range of health-care contexts, including those working with patients who have cancer, HIV and AIDS or who are having treatment for infertility; and in the fields of young people's sexual health and palliative care.

  • Author: Etherington Kim
  • 287 pages
  • Printed in UK
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781853029387