Constipation - Kamal Kansal

  • Constipation - Kamal Kansal
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Constipation and diseases of anus are gifts of modern mechanical age and the resultant diseases of the anus have spread their tentacles far and wide. A change in eating habits, eatables devoid of fibers, like noodles, chocolate, fatty diet, lack of sufficient exercise, sedentary habits-in short, it can be said that discarding everything natural is the source of these diseases. In this age of advertisements, it has really become very difficult to distinguish between what is right and what is not. The exaggeration of the values of advertised foods, ads of laxatives,the so-called guarantees of treatment of these diseases, all these seem to hypnotise the patients. What should be done then? This question often the patient asks. First of all try to know whether you are suffering from constipation or not. If yes, is it then possible to remove its causes? What chagnes in life-style can help, what should constitute the diet etc. are the special attractions of this booklet.