Free Webinar Hosted By The School of Homeopathy - October 21st 4pm

School of Homeopathy_3 NorlandsWhether you are a  student or a practising homeopath you are welcome to join a free online Zoom webinar which features provings from The School of Homeopathy’s new book - ‘A Celebration of Provings’. 

During this 90 minute webinar there will be a presentation of 3 remedies that have been proved by the School - Aids, Lightning and Serotonin. Each of these provings will be explained by one member of the Norland Family - Misha, Mani and Luke - who are showcasing these 3 remedies from their recently-published book "A Celebration of Provings" that has been launched to celebrate The School of Homeopathy's 40th Year.

To find out more about this insightful trilogy of provings and to get joining instructions then please follow this link

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