The Society of Homeopaths Conference

SOH ConferenceWe are delighted to be supporting the Society of Homeopaths' upcoming online conference entitled "Unlocking The Mind" scheduled for the weekend of November 13/14 2021. The purpose of the conference is to consider how the mental, emotional and spiritual health of so many has been affected by 18 months of lockdown and how homeopathy can support the mental health of patients at this challenging time.

One of the key features of the conference is a weekend of presentations by popular teachers Dr David Lilley, Dr Divya Chhabra and Dr Mahesh Gandhi.

Early registration to the online conference may entitle you to a complimentary copy of "Healing The Soul" by David Lilley so don't delay and sign up now for this event which is so relevant to the times we are in.

Please note that the conference is open to all members of the professional UK registers and Society student members. For a detailed summary of the conference agenda  please follow this link to the conference website



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