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Treatise on Homoeopathic Medicine - Francisco Xavier Eizayaga
Treatise on Homoeopathic Medicine - Francisco Xavier Eizayaga
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Dr. Eizayaga has distinguished himself in the field of homeopathic medicine both in Buenos Aires and internationally. This book is the fruit of his many years dedicated to the study, analysis, comprehension and teaching of homeopathy at the School for Graduates of the Argentine Medical Homeopathic Association. Within six sections he has tried to deal with the most important and fundamental parts of homeopathic theory and doctrine as created and masterly stated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in his "organon". Chapters cover the history of homeopathy and its notable practitioners, general principles, experimentation in healthy human pathogenesis, curing on the dynamic plane, curing in the mental sphere, morbid suppression, types of suppression, morbid metastasis, its mechanism, doctrinarian errors, study of the patient and case analysis, categories of medicines, analysis and pharmacodynamics of the homeopathic medicine, doses, clinical and dynamic prognosis for homeopathic aggravation, indications, field of action, and limitations of homeopathy, diseases and classifications, and chronic diseases, among other subjects. This is a comprehensive work in a compact form.
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